How Do I Cope With Divorce?

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Posted by: Juliette

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Show notes:

In this week’s episode:

How Do I Cope With Divorce?


Sue’s Tuppence Worth – The Need to be Perfect.

The Article :

Night feeds, other people judging your parenting techniques & finding time to eat, are the most stressful things about becoming a new parent.

In this week’s Podcast, I chat about social media pressure to be the perfect parent.

The average parent reckons it took nearly a year after their baby was born before they started to relax as a new parent.

The research, commissioned by Uber Eats to celebrate the launch of a limited-edition parent’s menu, also saw finding time to go food shopping and eat a proper meal instead of snacking on the list was stressful.

Nutrition is so important for mothers immediately after giving birth so they can get full strength and vitality back. The B vitamins, magnesium and probiotics are a great way to ensure these needs are met.

In my opinion It’s about asking for help, delegating, resting when the baby rests and letting go of perfection and focusing on bonding and enjoying your baby.

My Quick Win Videos series of the first few weeks and early months of bringing a baby home is bursting with simple, practical tips for looking after yourself as well as your baby in the early days.

The study also found that learning to be flexible with plans and seeing family and friends are considered some of the most stressful things about becoming a new mum or dad.

Do it your way ! Be confident !

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I also have a Quick Win Video Series about bringing a new baby home, introducing them to your other child or children as well as covering bedtime routines and sleep problems.

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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, I’m going through a divorce and I really don’t know what to tell my employer as well as my Grandma. I know it sounds silly but I’m worried my boss will think I’m not up to my job while I’m sorting out where we’re going to live and all the other really big changes, we’re all going through. Also, my Grandma is religious and I’m afraid she will judge me. Bobbie Hyde from Balham

My Divorce Step by Step videos  available here from my blog :

The Divorce Step By Step videos cover;

The Financial Side To Things;

Divorce Step By Step – The Dreaded Form E – Advice Around Your Capital

Divorce Step By Step – The Legal Stuff

Divorce Step By Step – Taking Sides

Divorce Step by Step – Avoiding Conflict.


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The Divorce Journal for Children  

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Separation and divorce are traumatic events for families.

This journal is designed to help children express, explore and understand some of the strong emotions that they may be feeling and to help them process the divorce for themselves.

Keeping a Journal is a very simple, but powerful way to support children.

As caring adults, we can help by simply acknowledging & listening to how a child may be feeling, without trying to “fix it”.

This Journal is designed to support open and honest communication and to help children feel heard, understood and supported during a time of great upheaval.

Go and explore my blogs under DIVORCE lots of down to earth, practical advice.

I hope this helps,


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