Is It OK To Smack My Child? As Scotland Bans SMACKING, Is the ‘loving smack’ gone for good?

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Posted by: Juliette

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Show notes:

In this week’s episode

Is It OK To Smack My Child?

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Sue’s Tuppence Worth – Time-Out Doesn’t Work!

Nurseries have banned the naughty step as they say they no longer use the term due to ‘negative connotations’.


(60 per cent) of nurseries said they do not agree with having a “naughty step”, according to a poll of 1,000 owners, managers and staff conducted by the review sit

The survey found that 74 per cent rejected the use of the “naughty step” – where children are asked to sit in a particular place and reflect on their actions – as a method for controlling bad behaviour.

The term ‘naughty’ is one that has held negative connotations particularly in an Early Years context, there is the potential for children to be labelled with this term, without them being able to understand why their behaviour is unacceptable, particularly in the early years – at home or at school.

I had a bit of set to with Eamonn Holmes & Rylan on the ‘This Morning’ sofa a few weeks ago – as I said it’s about ‘talking and teaching a child’ not LABELLING them all the time as ‘NAUGHTY.’  The BEHAVIOUR is ‘naughty’ but not the child – separate the two.

You don’t like the behaviour so tell them what you DO want them to do next time eg. Don’t hit your brother over the head with the Lego – tell him it’ll be his turn in a minute.’ Don’t use your hands – use your words.

This takes time and depends on the age of your kids – but just saying ‘you’re naughty’ all the time, without teaching a child, labels them and they become demotivated, fed up and tune you out – then they live up to your label – the naughty one, the clumsy one, the sporty one, the arty one…..

Write down a few rules – divide a piece of paper in two and jot down WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE / WHAT ISN’T ACCEPTABLE on the other side – chat to your partner and let the kids in on it – then have some consequences if they don’t – viola!

Kid’s are either motivated TOWARDS something or AWAY FROM something.

My Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Button is better – positive, tactile, fun reinforcement.

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Sue’s Alternative to the ‘Naughty Step’

The ‘Easy Peasy – Lemon Squeezy Button’ allows you to record and playback 40 seconds of yourself saying ‘That was Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy’ via the built-in microphone and speaker – to motivate & encourage your child to brush their teeth, do their homework, tidy away their toys! You get the idea!

It also includes a removable sticker that reinforces the message ‘That was Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy’ to to match your recording.

The large size and robust button is ideal for children of all ages from 3 years+.

This is a really simple, quick, positive and easy way of getting your children to do all the things they need to do.

No more ‘Naughty Step’ just lots of positive, tactile, active psychology that encourages your child using multi-sensory engaged learning.



I was on Channel 5 News discussing the new bill by parliament to ban smacking. See More

10  BBC radio stations discussed Smacking & the ban in Scotland.

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In this special edition of the Sue Atkins Parenting Show I discuss with global parenting and child experts the damage that #smacking /#spanking does to #children both mentally and physically and we look at positive alternatives.


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with Sue Atkins & Helen Skelton

Sue appears on the Disney Facebook Live at 11 am for their Parenting Hacks Tea Parties every month – the 1st Tuesday of each month – hop over there to see her latest recording or drop her an email with your question, niggle, worry or problem [email protected].

We all understand that teaching your family about road safety can sometimes be a challenge.

How do you get the balance between allowing your little one their independence and keeping them safe?

Here TV star, and mum to two boys, Helen Skelton, talks to parenting expert Sue Atkins, road safety expert Dave Nichols and social media influencer Kate Murnane about their top tips to protect your little one when you’re out and about. ?

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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, my son Michael has gone to University and I am really lost. He is the last of our 3 and it has really hit me hard – far more than I thought! I don’t quite know who I am or my place in the world anymore. My husband says I’m being silly and should be glad I don’t have to do all the cooking and washing like I had to do over the years. But I miss the noise, laughter and running around on drop offs and pick ups. The years have flown by. Any advice? Moira McDonald from Edinburgh.


Hi Moira,

I was on BBC Radio Newcastle on Monday 30th September discussing the topic on empty nest.

I hope some of what I say in it will be of some help to you.

You can listen to the episode HERE. (from 2:50:00)


See My article :

Empty Nest – The Joy & The Sadness

I hope this helps!

Kind Regards,


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