Is It OK To Let My Baby Cry It Out?

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Posted by: Juliette

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Show notes:

In this week’s episode

Is It OK To Let My Baby Cry It Out?

Do you let your baby cry it out? Here’s Sue’s advice for a smoother bedtime.


Sue in conversation with Wendy White from Mood Stars – resources to help your child talk about their feelings


Connect with Wendy and My Mood Stars






Sue’s Tuppence Worth

Japan Airlines has introduced a feature on its seat booking system that shows where young children are seated.

A “child” icon appears when a passenger is travelling with children aged under two years.

One traveller said the feature let him know where babies “plan to scream… during a 13-hour trip”.

But some Twitter commentators urged him to be tolerant, while others said the problem could easily be solved with noise-cancelling headphones.

Japan Airlines’ website says the icon “lets other passengers know a child may be sitting there”. However, the airline warned the tool was not foolproof, as the icon might not appear if a ticket was booked through a third party or if there was a last-minute change of aircraft.

Sue chats about Prince Harry and Archie on the 12 hour South Africa flight.


Sue’s Article

10 Tips for Keeping a Toddler Busy & Happy on a Plane.

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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, I’m having trouble with my baby settling to sleep at bedtime should I let him cry it out? Paula Damson from Newcastle

Hi Paula,

NOOOO! There are other ways.

Take a look at some of my resources to help with this.

Tips for Teaching Your Baby To Comfort Themselves So They Fall Sleep.

Quick Win Videos on settling babies to sleep, self soothing, nightmares, night terrors, bedtime routines

  1. My Sleep Fairy Technique
  2. Teaching a Baby to Self-Soothe
  3. Top Tips for Night Terrors
  4. Sleep Routines and Patterns


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Toddler, School Age & Teenager Sleep: How Much Is Enough?

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The Importance of Bedtime Routines

Teens & Technology

The Power of The Sleep Fairy

Simple Steps To Success

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Kind Regards,


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