How Do I Stop My Child Getting Bullied?

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Posted by: Juliette

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Show notes:

In this week’s episode

How Do I Stop My Child Getting Bullied?

Tips to Prevent Back to School Bullying

  • Dealing with Anxiety in 5 to 10 year olds: Common Causes and How to Cope

  • Sue’s Question: When Does a Child’s Nakedness Turn into Nudity?

Plus …

I am in Conversation with Alison Collington from the Young Enterprise Tenner & Fiver Challenges

You can listen to the full interview by clicking on the link below:
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Sue in conversation with Alison Collington

Connect with Alison Collington


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Sue’s Tuppence Worth

When did my naked child become nude?

I read with consternation in the Washington Post a really lovely article about a mum who took a really lovely, innocent, happy photo of her child’s ‘quintessential toddler-ness’ in the bath at bath time

It was shared on an anonymous image-sharing website and within seconds her computer pinged with a comment:

A naked kid! What is wrong with you?


You know the kind of people that are out there, right?


You’re gonna get the wrong kind of attention. What’s wrong with you?

This made me pause to ponder where we draw the line between sharing happy, INNOCENT photos on social media platforms and put our kids ‘out there’ where paedophiles can abuse their images and photos.

The author continued…

Celebrity news headlines in the following months illustrated that my experience was on-trend. Both Pink and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson faced backlash after sharing images of their unclothed toddlers. While some comments raised concerns about “sharenting” — parents saddling their children with an indelible online presence — the controversy centered on more salacious concerns: Why would you expose a young child? They make swimsuits for a reason. Please cover her nakedness.

But among the harsh rebukes, another thread emerged: nostalgia for simpler times when people didn’t “freak out” over naked children or worry about how much skin kids showed. I understand the frustration. In the past, children’s bodies probably were viewed differently, but then again, so were women’s…

So my question to you my listeners today is when does a child’s nakedness turn into nudity?

Tips to Prevent Back to School Bullying

Going “back to school” can induce pure joy in some, while instilling chills & fear in others. If it’s the latter, chances are it has something to do with your kids’ schoolmates.

The indicators that a child is being bullied or excluded in the school playground , and how best to support them if this is the case… are:

Signs of bullying

  • Children can display a reluctance to attend school; & there may be repeated complaints, such as a sore tummy, bad leg etc etc prior to school
  • Your child may be quiet in themselves and lose their interest or passion in things
  • They can appear irritable, stressed, and have difficulty sleeping
  • They may be observed as being overly bossy or aggressive with younger siblings. This is compensation for feeling powerless in the school environment.


Remember, repeated denial that bullying is happening is not proof that it is not. Children frequently conceal bullying as they feel ashamed and worried about what reporting it will mean.

Talk to the teacher quietly – don’t go in all guns blazing!

Chat to your child..

Build up their self-esteem and confidence muscles – tone of voice, body language and role play ways to handle kids remarks.

I’ve got LOADS of BULLYING RESOURCES from Webinar to checklists to advice and QW Videos

The Sue Atkins Bullying Bundle

My shop

MY Article

How to help kids make friends.


Frequently Asked Questions About Friends and Friendships: Question 10 my Quick Win Video Tips in the series


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We recommend this product for helping with the issues raised on this podcast.

The Sue Atkins Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied Guide

Bullying is an intentional, aggressive and repeated behaviour that involves an imbalance of power or strength.  It’s NEVER acceptable and NEVER…

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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue my daughter Elena is worried about going back to school as there is a girl in her class who makes her life a misery. She’s bossy, gossipy and takes pride in excluding Elena from her games. What can we do? - Catherine James from Rochester

Hi Catherine 

Children aged between five and 10 years are considered to be in the “latency period” — before puberty hits and things get extra interesting — so it’s all too easy to emit a sigh of relief and take a well-earned breather after the whirlwind of the early years.

The pre -teens stage is a critical time for building relationships.

The mindset of those aged between five and 10 years is “very black and white”during this phase and the world of fairness, justice, rules and clarity reign.

The whole stage is important, as it is during this phase when the social world becomes important. Children are now independently forming relationships outside their family and this is a crucial step in their social development.

In this episode I will cover the topic of back to school bullying, please see my articles and tips.

Kind regards,


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