How Do I Make It Easier To Go Back To School?

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Posted by: Juliette

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Show notes:

In this week’s episode: 

How Do I Make It Easier To Go Back To School?

– Back to School Tips for Kids Starting into Secondary School
– How to Handle Divorce & Co-Parenting Confidently for Your Kids


Sue in Conversation with Jenny Ross, discussing the value of School Councils.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking on the link below:
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Sue in Conversation with Jenny Ross

Train Your Baby Like a Dog – Dehumanising and Indefensible or a Great Idea?

Sue’s Tuppence Worth

Train Your Baby Like a Dog is dehumanising and indefensible! I’m incredulous that such a programme can get commissioned. Who thought this was a good idea??

It’s not a programme to support, educate or help parents using positive child psychology.  #trainyourbabylikeadog was cynical, sensational and irresponsible reality TV, using babies as participants – which is both shameful and dangerous. Channel 4 turned children into commodities, which I found morally reprehensible.  Seeing the dog trainer’s little boy sit to command alongside her dog made me totally uncomfortable.

Parents who have no idea how to interact with their child and no confidence in how to play, talk & direct their child, are also distressing to watch, but clicking and bribing a child to behave is not the answer!  Yes, dogs respond to praise, direction & time like children, but surely beautiful little children deserve much, much more. They deserve dignity, respect, loving kindness and patience – not being treated like a dog by using a clicker.

Disney Parenting Hacks Tea Party

☕️ Watch our special Parenting Hacks Tea Party! ☕️

Listen as we discuss Music 

Introducing music into your little one’s life can have so many positive effects. ? As well as the pure enjoyment it provides, music also teaches them skills such as discipline and language development, and can strengthen the bond between parents and children. ❤️ What are the favourite songs in your house? ? For lots more tips about easy ways to include music in your everyday life, watch the full video of TV star, and mum to two boys, Helen Skelton, talking to parenting expert Sue Atkins and musician and author Izzy Judd, on Disney Junior YouTube.


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Co – parenting cards to ponder


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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue I’ve recently divorced & I'm worried my son won't cope with his new teacher in September as he seems very unsure of himself at the moment since the breakup. I find it hard to get him to open up to me and to talk about his Dad who is now living with a new partner 100 miles away. Have you got any advice? Siobhan Reilly from Cork

Dear Siobhan,

I have written extensively on this topic.

Please read my article:

It’s also useful to talk to the teacher privately – make an appointment and explain the situation so that they can provide support during school hours.

The main thing to do is to tell your child that they are not to blame.  This is extremely important. Keep telling them to assure them.

Another great article to read about Kids and Divorce : An Age By Age Guide To Help Parents:

You might also find The Suddenly Single, Surviving ‘til Thriving Divorce Journal for Women my Divorce Journal for Women useful:

I hope that helps


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