How Do You Survive A New School?

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Posted by: Juliette

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Show notes:

In this week’s episode: 

How Do You Survive A New School?


Sue in Conversation with Georgina Durrant from the SEN Resources Blog


You can listen to the full interview by clicking on the link below:
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Sue in Conversation with Georgina Durrant


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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. My name is Lee Anna Townsend and I am raising a soon to be 5 yr old boy. He is my first and only child. I was told as a young teen I would never be able to carry a baby or get pregnant, and I was okay with that. I can say honestly, I didn’t want children at that time. (I wouldn't take him back for the world) I am a very impatient, somewhat greedy, and like things a certain way type person. This little boy has showed me a love I never knew existed. As he has gotten older, he tends to look for negative attention a lot. What can I do to stop this? - Lee Anna Townsend

Dear Lee,

Sounds like you have a lovely, lively little boy 🙂

It’s about you deciding on some simple rules and being confident about insisting on them.

Children are motivated towards something like a sticker, story, praise or your attention. So play with him, read stories to him and notice when he gets things right & tell him how pleased you are with him.

Make sure your body language is confident and your voice is assertive – make your voice go down, not up. So it is a command, not a plea!

I have 20 Quick Win Videos that I recorded last week for my Parenting Club Members with 20 positive parenting phrases that will help you – they are downloadable posters too.

Take a look here

There’s also my ‘Secret to Well Behaved Kids Webinar’ in the Club that you’d find helpful too.

or my MP3 Download The Secret to having well-behaved kids

I’ll answer your question too in my weekly podcast soon so keep an ear out for that with some ideas.

Easy Peasy – Lemon Squeezy Button – explain, play it and link to buying it.

Hope that helps


Q. Dear Sue my son Josh is starting Year 6 this September and moving to Secondary School next September. He’s not a very confident boy and is already worried about bullying, getting lost and making friends next year. It took him ages to settle into primary school and feel secure with his friendships. I’m trying to decide what school to send him too. I am a single Mum and I’m starting to worry about getting it right for him Can you help? Jo Bandman from Ipswich.

Hi Jo,

I have the perfect solution for you!  Primary2Secondary offers courses for exactly this purpose!  The transition into Secondary School can be very stressful.  Not only for the child but for the parent too!

This course is vital to you especially as your son has experienced bullying and has difficulty with his confidence.  You can join the Facebook Group, which is a closed group for parents on the course, to share, encourage and get support from us as well as each other. (click on the picture)

Hope this helps,




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