What Is Difference Punishment And Consequences?

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne

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Show notes:

In this week’s episode: 

What Is Difference Punishment And Consequences?

How to Motivate Your Children by Consequence Rather Than Punishment & Help Your Child Do Really Well at School 

Plus … 

I am in Conversation with Ronnie and Catrina Park, Creators of Taste ‘n’ Tell Books for toddlers  – to listen to the full interview – please click on the link below: 

Sue in conversation with Ronnie and Catrina Park

Connect with Ronnie & Catrina 




Benefits of using Taste ‘n’ Tell

  • A unique way for children to sample a wide range of new healthy foods
  • The beautiful rhymes in a reading friendly font and fun characters encourages early reading
  • The magical ‘book with food in it’ encourages young children to love books
  • The REAL System is scientifically proven to improve the uptake of new foods
  • The REAL System can help to alleviate the stress of Fussy Eating

“I’ve lost count of the number of families that I have worked with who have struggled with young children who are fussy eaters and this may have been the solution they were looking for. What a brilliant way to introduce new foods to your little ones and build the foundations for happy and confident eaters.”
Dr Elizabeth Kilbey Channel 4, ‘The secret Life of 4, 5 & 6 yr olds’


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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue – I want to make sure my kids do well at school as I hated school. What can I do to help them? Tracey Seymour from Kennington

Dear Tracey 

Thanks for reaching out to me

Parents play an extremely important role in their children’s school life, research and evidence shows that children whose parents are in close contact with the school and also involved in their homework etc. do far better.

I have lots of inspiring POSTERS on my Facebook Page – Sue Atkins The Parenting Expert or on my Instagram at @sueatkins18 with some of my top tips!

There are also lots of bespoke resources for members of my Online Parenting Club including articles, Quick Win Videos and much more – plus you can also arrange a monthly call with me if you would like some extra support. 

Hope this helps 


Q. Dear Sue, my son Tom is studying for his ‘GCSE’s. What can we do to help him HOW to study? He’s hard working, sometimes too conscientious – things have changed since we were both at school. Any tips? Wendel Santos from Esher, Surrey

Dear Wendel 

Thanks for reaching out to me. 

I have some MP3’s in my online Shop that can help –

Exam success made easy

The Magical Toolkit of Studying, Learning & Spelling Made Easy

Hope this helps but you can also contact me if you need any further support

All the best 


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