How Do I Cope With A Clingy Toddler?

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne


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Show notes:

In this week’s episode

How Do I Cope With A Clingy Toddler?

Sue’s Parenting phone- in on ITV ‘This Morning’ covering Sibling Rivalry, Autism and Clingy Babies

Sue meets Anne Hegarty from ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and asks ‘Was Holly Willoughby wrong to take her kids out of school to host the Show with Dec?


Sue in Conversation with .. Renaldo Lawrence, , Apple & Microsoft eLearning Developer and Author of ‘I Am More Than What You See.’

Renaldo’s full interview is now only available to members of Sue’s Parenting Club Online – click here to access the interview or click here to join and gain access to the library of Expert Interviews, Webinars, Parenting Masterclasses, Quick Win Tips (Videos) and other exclusive content. 

Renaldo’s Books

I Am More Than What You See: A Small Journey Through A Big World

I Am More Than What You See is an outlook on Renaldo Lawrence’s life. After the doctors gave him three months to live when he was born, the author has used the blessing of life as an opportunity to enhance as many people’s lives as he can. This book gives an insight of Mr. Lawrence’s life growing up to help encourage others to understand that regardless of your circumstances, anything is possible once you develop and work your plan. As you turn the pages of this book, Renaldo reflects what it was like growing up in St. Matthews, South Carolina, having no confidence as a child and how his life changed once he discovered his gift. A change in your attitude will change your world. So prepare yourself to take a small journey through a big world as you uncover your gifts and propel into your destiny.

It’s always too soon to quit. In this book Renaldo shares insights on how to strengthen your mindset, motivation and how to create success in key areas of your life.

Low self esteem, anxiety, poor self belief are increasingly common in today’s world. By sharing insights into both his life and mindset techniques this book will send you into a state of self exploration.

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Boy Get off Of My Pig VS The Fire: Learning Respect and Values

This comic book is one part of Renaldo Lawrence’s vision to help students not only learn about values and responsibility but to teach them that they must start loving and believing in themselves. Renaldo Lawrence grew up in St. Matthews, South Carolina and has always known that his life was meant to be one of servitude just like his mother.

Renaldo is a motivator speaker who also now works as teacher at Glyn School in Epsom, Surrey, England, where he develops and deploys interactive learning resources for staff, faculty, parents and students as an Information and Communications Technology teacher. He consults and trains across the United States and Europe on how to create and use digital media, web design, and e-learning applications in the classroom. Renaldo is an author, Adobe Education Leader, Advanced Skills teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator and Educator Developer.

Purchase now from Amazon

Connect with Renaldo






Results of our Special Competition for a special personalised signed copy of Renaldo’s Book

The lucky winner was Venessa Bobb – Congratulations Venessa! 

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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, my kids are super excited for Christmas – how do I get them into bed before 10pm? Tracey Yendell from Shetland

Hi Tracey

It is such a lovely time! I have written a lot of articles around Christmas over the past couple of weeks, but here is one that I think you will find the most useful

7 Quick & Easy Tips To Get Excited Kids To Sleep on Christmas Eve!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Q. Dear Sue, I’ve recently had a baby and I’m feeling rather overwhelmed about how to cope at Christmas. Can you help? Natalie Underwood from Ipswich

Dear Natalie

Having a new baby at any time of the year can be overwhelming but at this time of year even more so

Here is a recent article that I have written that I hope you will find helpful

Read my tips for less stress at Christmas with a new baby.

Also, you might be interested in my range of Quick Win Tips for Bonding with Your Baby 


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