Is Kissing Kids On The Lips Acceptable?

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne


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Show notes:

In this week’s episode

Is Kissing Kids On The Lips Acceptable?

As David Beckham gets trolled for a peck on the lips with Harper, we ask ‘What is an appropriate way to show affection to your kids these days?’

Do you want your kids to play with more ‘traditional toys’ this Christmas or are you bursting to get the latest gadget?

Sue in conversation with Tara Leniston author of ‘Coming Home to Autism’

Tara’s full interview is now only available to members of Sue’s Parenting Club Online – click here to access the interview or click here to join and gain access to the library of Expert Interviews, Webinars, Parenting Masterclasses, Quick Win Tips (Videos) and other exclusive content. 

Here is a clip of Tara speaking about her book 

Coming Home to Autism (Tara Leniston)

Tara’s Book


You can purchase Tara’s Book from the link below: 

Coming Home to Autism

Connect with Tara




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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, my daughter Roxie is 8 and I love to hug and kiss her. My other daughter Ella is 14 & we don’t hug and kiss as much. She seems more distant but is still a lovely girl. What are appropriate ways to handle the girls?’ Steve Hudson from Newcastle

Dear Steve

Thank you for your question – David Beckham has been in the news for his displays of affection with his 7-year old daughter Harper

David Beckham criticised for kissing his daughter on the lips

I was also interviewed on BBC Radio Manchester around this article and my full answer is in this week’s Sue Atkins Parenting Show.

Hope this helps


Q. Dear Sue, I want my kids to play with more traditional toys, particularly as it’s coming up to Christmas – but I feel under pressure from them to buy all the technical gadgets. What’s your advice? Shireen Patel from Clapham.

Dear Shireen

Thank you for reaching out to me and as you can see, I have included a section about this in my Sue Atkins Parenting Show this week which I hope you will find helpful.

Also, here is a recent news story that shows you are not alone

Adults want children to play with ‘traditional’ toys such as board games and science kits, study finds

I also have a whole range of Quick Win Videos around Toys in my Parenting Club Online, that you might find useful

All the best


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