How to Transition a Toddler into their Own Room.

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In another packed episode we discuss how to transition a toddler into their own room, saying ‘No’ confidently & how to keep your kids safe online.

Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. How do you transition a child (baby/toddler/infant) from parent’s room to their own room? Ketan from London
Q. How do I get my child to understand that NO means NO? Sylvia Black from Didsbury

Saying “No” to your kids is such a simple word but so many parents find it difficult to incorporate it into their discipline strategies – it’s about feeling confident in your own ability as a parent so then the ability to say “no” becomes a powerful behaviour shaping tool in your parenting toolkit!

Saying “NO” to your kids with confidence !


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