How Does Down Syndrome Affect The Whole Family?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

How Does Down Syndrome Affect The Whole Family?

In this episode I chat with my friend Hayley (Goleniowska)  Newman about raising a child with Down’s Syndrome, we look at ways to balance your work/life balance & how to help your child study using the Study Tracks hip hop app.

Hayley’s ignorance of Down’s syndrome came to the fore when her daughter was born, motivating her to create world-renowned blog Downs Side Up. It challenges fear and stigma and celebrates the narratives of those with the condition.

The award-winning website is part of the greater work Hayley does toward inclusion of those with a learning disability. Her daughter Natty was the first UK model with a disability to feature in a national Back to School campaign and she believes we all need to see ourselves represented in the media.

Publishing a beautiful book for children and support material for new families, writing for various publications, taking part in a BBC documentary, giving countless interviews and working alongside the NHS as a Patient Expert Tutor to ensure medical professionals value everyone’s worth equally and learn how their words impact on new parents. Hayley ensures diversity in a gentle, heartfelt way.

Study Tracks

When he saw his son struggling with his GCSE Physics revision last year, George Hammond-Hagan drew on his experience as a music producer to try to help.

George made a song with information from the syllabus which he sang over a hip-hop track. Since then George has made over 600 tracks that cover the core subjects using content supplied by teachers.

The App called Studytracks has been downloaded nearly 100,000 times since its launch in December.


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