Why Is Getting Muddy Important?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

Why Is Getting Muddy Important?

Muddy play allows children to connect and interact with the natural world around them. It helps children develop tactile skills with sensory playMud play and other outdoor activities not only get them away from screens, but give children fresh air, exercise, and sunlight.

In this episode we talk about nurturing your child’s brain with Brain Insights, We look at getting muddy  & the importance of outdoor play & what to do if your kids want to play with make believe guns.

I was delighted to  interview and chat to  my friend Deborah McNelis M.Ed as she is an Early Brain Development Specialist and owner of Brain Insights, the award-winning author of the unique and beautiful ‘Brain Development Series’ of pocket sized brain activity packets (in English or Spanish) and ‘Naturally Developing Young Brains.’ Deborah McNelis’ pioneering work is to create a clear understanding of the experiences children need and deserve in their early years starting when they are babies. Deborah regularly  appears on a wide range of media platforms including radio shows & in magazines.

I ask her why understanding early brain development in the early childhood years is so critical for the most positive long term outcomes for children,  why play is so important to a child’s brain development & how early relationships affect a child’s learning.


Author and Expert Speaker: Deborah McNelis


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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue I want to get my kids outside more – learning, discovering and playing. Have you got any suggestions to help? Rob Jones Cardiff in Wales.
Q. Dear Sue my son Ethan has started wanting to play with guns – he makes them out of twigs in the garden, constantly wants to play Cowboys and Indians & ‘Good Guys /Bad Guys’ – should I stop him? Rosanna Munday from California
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