At What Age Should You Worry About A Child Not Talking?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

Libby Hill Speech & Language Therapist

At What Age Should You Worry About A Child Not Talking?

In this episode I chat with Libby Hill who appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Born Naughty?’ in Series 1 & is a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist with Small Talk Speech and Language Therapy, an independent practice, who work throughout Staffordshire and surrounding areas.

I was invited on to BBC Radio London to talk about #PLAYLIKEMUM as mums are left outraged by a new toy pram collection that encourages young girls to ‘Play Like Mum’

The ‘Play Like Mum’ range by Silver Cross is set to be launched later this month

The collection has already been slammed for reinforcing gender stereotypes.

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Q. Dear Sue, my 15 year old son went to a friend’s BBQ and was offered alcho pops drinks – fruity flavoured cider. I was horrified. He declined but felt a bit uncomfortable. What’s your take on kids drinking? Scott Rumbertone from Cheshire

“Children who drink at younger ages are the ones who need help most. We also know that children whose parents misuse alcohol are more likely to develop their own problems later in life” ~Simon Antrobus, chief executive of drug and alcohol rehabilitation charity Addaction

I’ve written many articles on alcohol

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 Booze why let it decide.

 Stopping teenagers going off the rails

 Children who see parents drink “more likely” to binge drink themselves

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 Worried about Eating Disorders?

 Teenagers who eat with their parents are up to 35% less likely to have eating disorders

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