How Do I Get Support For My Child’s Mental Health During Coronavirus?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


In this episode:

How Do I Get Support For My Child’s Mental Health During Coronavirus?

Are you anxious about how your children are going to emerge from this period of lockdown?

Do you worry about gaps in their education?

Are you concerned about the loss of social interaction, especially for young children just learning social skills and teenagers who are so dependent on peer interaction?

Or do you see this as a period of difficulty from which your children can emerge stronger and more resilient?

Resilience is that quality which enables us to weather the difficulties that life throws at us and to learn from them.

But how do we encourage resilience in children?

Sue Atkins is a parenting coach and author with a background in teaching and she is a mum of two adult children. She has many ideas about how to encourage resilience in children.

Her books for children are:

The Can-Do Kid’s Journal.Discover Your Confidence Superpower

Ant I Viral and the Virus (with Tina Stubbs)

Her books for parents are:

Parenting Made Easy How To Raise Happy Children

Raising Happy Children for Dummies one in the famous black & yellow series

Listen to this episode with Sue if you want to learn:

How to cultivate happiness in families by what the attitudes that parents model

Why it is important to be authentic with children about how everyone is feeling

How self-care helps combat anxiety in these stressful times

Tips for dealing with worries

How to turn ‘what if’ questions into ‘How can I’ questions

How accepting uncertainty and calling our current situation ‘different’ rather than ‘difficult’ helps

Tips for building up resilience in kids, including the perhaps surprising role of building fun into family life

About the role of building competencies to create confidence

How to create mindsets or attitudes around tenacity and lifelong learning, especially from mistakes

How praise needs to be descriptive if it’s going to have any impact on building mindsets and encouraging good qualities for life.

How parents can give the gift of self-esteem.

About The Crucial C’s from Betty-Lou Bettner; connection, competency, counting and courage.

How to use the current pandemic situation to push a pause button on school work and focus much more on real life learning and each child’s own individual learning needs.

And as usual we finish with our SUMs – Surprising Uplifting Moments

It’s important, now more than ever, to not let anxiety drown out joy.

To help us be grateful for the small things in life we are celebrating some Surprising Uplifting Moments, some good things coming out of this crisis.

Sue shares what she has noticed about nature and a more natural pace to life.

Sue also shares her top tip for raising happy healthy resilient kids.

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