Is Routine Good For ADHD?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

In this episode:

Is Routine Good For ADHD?

What to do when your child says,’ I’ve got nobody to play with.’

Plus my interview with Drew Povey

Today I am absolutely delighted to interview the no-nonsense, inspiring and charismatic former headmaster Drew Povey of Channel 4’s ‘Educating Greater Manchester’ Harrop Ford School, once dubbed “the worst school in the country”

You’ve probably been glued to your screen on Thursday nights watching the compelling documentary about Harrop Fold School – the fly on the wall Channel 4 documentary where we watch the behind the scenes ups and downs of educating children in Salfords, Greater Manchester, one of Manchester’s toughest neighbourhoods.

Through a unique style of leadership Drew works with his pupils, teachers and families to build team spirit, belief, and positive encouragement towards helping everyone achieve their true potential.

Through kindness, clear expectations & boundaries we watch the dedicated staff from staff room, to classroom, work together to build a thriving community of ‘Team Harrop’ taking the school from special measures to the most recent Ofsted report as “good with outstanding features”.

His unique ability to inspire and motivate is infectious and helps to bring the very best out of people.

I ask Drew about his journey to becoming the Head of Harrop Fold School, the biggest challenges he still faces in Harrop Fold, & why he agreed to be filmed on top of all that scrutiny for the fascinating documentary – Educating Greater Manchester?
I ask him about Rani & Jack, Mitchell, Vincent & Kayden and we talk about positive pychology, leadership and what’s next for Harrop Ford School & its inspiring, dedicated team from Classroom to Staff Room.


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Q. Dear Sue, my daughter keeps coming home saysing that she's got no-one to play with. It's breaking my heart. What can I do? Helen Sharman from Rochester

What to do when your child says,’ I’ve got nobody to play with.’


Q. What do I do with my naughty daughter who doesn’t listen to me? I say to her a hundred times. ‘Marissa please pick up your things. Marissa ignores me. So, I say it again. Marissa I told you to pick up your things. She says ‘I’m busy!’ On and on it goes and I’m exhausted, upset, and angry and feel that we are in some of battle but I’m not winning.” Amy Mitchell

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