Why Do Parents Tell Little White Lies?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

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Show notes:

Talking To Children About Divorce by Sue Atkins

In this packed episode we chat about teaching kids how to think, not what to think, we ponder whether middle children are more successful than their siblings and do those little ‘white lies’ we tell kids damage them. We also look at ways to support children through the stressful and challenging time of divorce.

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Don’t Stew – Ask Sue Parenting Q & A

Q. Dear Sue, I’m worried about letting my kids ride their bikes outside, I worry about how to teach them about stranger danger, I worry about around this whole area of freedom to explore. My husband says I’m raising ‘cotton wool’ kids and I need to let go a bit more. What’s your advice? - Aparna Patel from Birmingham
Q. Dear Sue, I’ve recently separated from my husband of 12 years & I’m feeling overwhelmed & worried about what this will all do to my kids. Can you help? Nicky from Teddington Middlesex

VIDEO – Keeping The Same Routines.

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