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Sue Atkins Podcasts

Wherever you are on your parenting journey, The Sue Atkins Podcasts will have something to help you navigate the adventure that is parenthood.

Sue Atkins Podcast Shows

Sue Atkins Parenting Show

If you’re looking for some straight-up, positive advice on topics that affect your daily life, then check out The Sue Atkins Parenting Show. In each episode, we bare all and discuss every possible aspect of your parenting challenges, from weaning to whining, boundaries round technology to stroppy teens. You’ll get practical tips, techniques and advice that really work- and it’s all totally free.

The Parentverse
Expert Interviews

The Parentverse is a collection of the very best of ‘Sue in Conversation With’…. interviews. 

Sue has it all covered in her down to earth, friendly interviews with authors & experts from around the globe to get the very best advice around handling toddler tantrums, dyslexia, autism, bullying and even moody teenagers,  with lots of practical takeaways for busy parents.

The Toddler Roadmap Podcast

The Toddler Roadmap podcast will provide you with a roadmap, torch and compass & give you everything you need to know to help tackle the exciting and sometimes bumpy terrain of parenting toddlers.

It is an essential guide designed to help you navigate the twists and turns of toddlerhood with ease and confidence.