Sue Atkins helping you create happy childhoods

Sue Atkins is The Parenting Expert on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ programme, offering practical guidance for bringing up happy, confident, resilient children from toddler to teen. 

Sue regularly appears on BBC Radio, Sky News & LBC Sue is also the Parenting Expert for Disney Family UK doing podcasts & Facebook Live Tea Parties.Sue is the author of the Amazon bestseller ‘Parenting Made Easy – How To Raise Happy Children’ as well as ‘Raising Happy Children for Dummies’ – one in the famous black & yellow series. 

You can also download her ebooks, packed with ideas and practical tips, from her website.

Sue Atkins is our Parenting Partner delivering workshops, presentations, one-to-one and group sessions to support our VIParents Programme.

Our mentoring offers practical strategies to change attitudes and behaviours to achieve transformation in the areas which have presented as challenging for them.

We help children with goal setting and give them the tools to successfully navigate their difficulties. We provide a dynamic programme which finds and builds upon what the young person recognises as good about themselves.

Mentoring isn’t just about talking. We work on building life skills, confidence in social settings, resilience and overcoming difficulties. 

Our mentoring empowers children to develop positive peer relationships, deal with peer pressure, bullying and build their feelings of self-worth. Children who have been through our Mentoring programme develop a keen sense of social responsibility, consideration and kindness.