Dr Alan Beggs, Olympic Sport Psychologist discusses Growth Mindset and Motivation

Sue in conversation with Dr Alan Beggs

Sue Atkins speaks with Dr Alan Beggs about Growth Mindset and Motivation on the Parentverse Podcast

Alan spent almost twenty-five years in academia, with a highly successful research career and over fifty publications to his name.

During that time, he also spent several years working part-time in the field of consumer market research – and some of the campaigns he helped shape were very successful indeed. This experience opened his eyes to the tangible value that psychology and psychologists can deliver.

His real passion is in making a difference to people. As an accredited Olympic sport psychologist from 1985 to 2000, he saw a gradual acceptance of the tools and techniques psychologists can bring to people striving to be the best they can be.

He believed that he had a very small – but significant – part to play in 25% of the medals that Team GB brought back from the Sydney Games.

Back in the world of work, he was heavily involved in the drive to bring the techniques and mindset of coaching to the workplace during the nineties.

These days, he is using some of the insights and theory from the emerging science of Positive Psychology together with the practical methods of Sport Psychology to help build the sense of emotional engagement and psychological well-being which people need to face their challenges, whatever those may be.

He has worked with unemployed people, carers of disabled people, and most excitingly, school children of every age. As he move away from delivery and consultation, he has concentrated on writing. He has currently two books published on Amazon, aimed at Year 6 children facing the 11 Plus and SATs examinations.

The impact of these on their mental health and well-being is increasingly becoming evident, and Ofsted and schools are attempting to help them deal with the anxiety and stress. His interactive workbooks go beyond this; they aim to help children gain a sense of direction, to feel self-confident, and to be able to deal with the pressures of the exam situation itself.

LINK TO HIS BOOK IN MY BOOK CLUB https://sueatkinsparentingcoach.com/book_review/how-to-be-a-front-runner-mental-fitness-for-11-pupils-by-dr-alan-beggs/


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