Do you want a ‘Can-do Child’? Of course you do! Meet Lorraine Allman passionate about encouraging entrepreneurial children.

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Posted by: Kevin Mulryne

Show notes:

I helped to launch Lorraine Allman’s book ‘The Can-Do Child’ at The Nursery Show this year. Here is the audio from the show floor – so it’s a bit noisy!

I wrote the forward for the book and I support all of Lorraine’s messages and approaches.

The Can-Do Child invaluable and a must-have book; full of fun, helpful and inspiring activities to support busy parents in to making the most of the precious time spent with their children.

By following the 3 ‘E’s’ you can rest assured that you are giving your child the best possible start to their lives. Supporting children through the activities and ideas to stimulate their young minds.

The book is easy to read and has a helpful age related activities section. These activities are cleverly designed to encourage children into being more inquisitive, forward-thinking, and self-assured young people, preparing them to eventually become valuable, exciting members of society!

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