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Breastfeeding Uncovered: Who Really Decides How We Feed Our Babies?

Across the world mothers are urged to breastfeed, but in Western society many find this a difficult task. Those who stop can feel demoralised and unsure as to why such a desired, encouraged and biologically normal behaviour can appear so challenging in reality. Breastfeeding Uncovered examines why this continues to happen, revealing how complex social and cultural messages work against new mothers, damaging the normal physiology of breastfeeding and making it seem unmanageable. Professor Brown removes the focus from the mother and instead urges society to rethink its attitude towards breastfeeding and mothering and instead to support, encourage and protect mothers to feed their babies.

This book is for anyone who has ever struggled with breastfeeding, supported new mothers or just wondered what all the fuss is about. Most of all it is a must read for anyone who has ever thought a breastfeeding mother should cover up, or feed her baby elsewhere.

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Why Starting Solids Matters

How and when babies eat their first solid foods can be an exciting stage for new parents, but it can also bring confusion and anxiety due to conflicting advice and opinions. When should babies have their first sold foods? What should it be? How much? Is milk still important? Does any of this really matter?

Why Starting Solids Matters aims to help readers find answers to these questions by exploring the science behind the headlines. It provides a gentle introduction to the importance of the first year and beyond for the development of long term healthy eating habits and weight with much of the information just as relevant for thinking about the diet of older children and even the rest of the family too.

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The Positive Breastfeeding Book: Everything you need to feed your baby with confidence

When you’re expecting a new baby, suddenly everyone around you becomes an expert – particularly when it comes to how to feed them. It is easy to become overwhelmed by conflicting advice, myths and exaggerated stories. The Positive Breastfeeding Book cuts through the anecdotes, giving you clear, no-judgement, non-preachy, evidence-based information to help you make the right decisions for you and your baby. It will…

  • help you understand how breastfeeding works
  • give you tips for planning for your baby’s arrival
  • help you cope with those early months
  • support you to make sure that whilst you’re looking after the baby, you’re getting taken care of too
  • point you to how to seek help if challenges come up
  • guide you through feeding in public, going back to work, and even rediscovering a glass of wine

You’ll find plenty of real stories and guidance throughout from mothers and experts in supporting breastfeeding. There are handy chapters on formula and mixed feeding, which cut through advertising spiel and give you the facts you need to choose and use formula safely.

The Positive Breastfeeding Book doesn’t promise to make it easy, nor will it get up in the middle of the night for you, but it will empower you with the knowledge and encouragement you need to feed your baby with confidence.

‘I wish I’d had this splendid book a few months ago: warm, funny & accurate. For anyone who is making a choice about feeding or in the midst of it this will feel like a hug.’ Chris van Tulleken

‘A fantastic manual for new motherhood.’ Saffia Farr, editor Juno magazine

‘The beauty of this book is not only its accessibility but that it is informed by strong evidence and powerful voices of women.’ Shereen Fisher, Chief Executive, Breastfeeding Network

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