Sue Atkins in conversation with Mark Williams International Father’s Mental Health Activist, Author, Keynote Speaker & Consultant

Mark WilliamsInternational Fathers Mental Health Day Founder Mark Williams is well known in the field of mental health awareness through his personal experience of panic attacks and postnatal depression following the traumatic birth of his son, a mental breakdown in 2011, living with ADHD and the extensive training he has undertaken. He also experienced the difficulty of trying to support his wife Michelle who suffered severe postnatal depression while being unwell himself.

Founder Of Dads Matter UK, Fathers Reaching Out and Owner of Reaching Out Perinatal Mental Health. Speaker and Inspirational father of the year 2012.

However, since 2011, Mark has spoken around the World. Mark is often seen on television and talking on radio in many countries to raise the profile of perinatal mental health faced by fathers and campaign for better support. He founded ‘Fathers Reaching Out’ in 2011 to raise awareness of the detrimental impact that PTSD following a traumatic birth and the resulting postnatal depression (PND) have on both fathers and families as a whole.

 Mark trained in Perinatal Mental Health with Dr. Jane Hanley, Past-President of The Marce Society for Perinatal Mental Health and takes part in her professional mentoring days delivering speeches from a father’s perspective. He also contributed to her book ‘Listening Visits in Perinatal Mental Health: A Guide for Health Professionals and Support Workers’.

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