Sue in conversation with Emma Picket , author of The Breast Book – A puberty guide with a difference

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Emma’s Book – The Breast Book, A Puberty Guide With A Difference

A child can go all through their entire schooling without ever hearing a mention of human breast milk. They will learn about the process of photosynthesis and how plants get food, and study in detail the human digestive system and nutrition, yet there is no statutory obligation for schools to so much as mention the crucial function of human breasts or how babies get their food.

Former Deputy Head teacher and breastfeeding counsellor Emma Pickett is set to re-dress the balance with her friendly guide, The Breast Book. This essential book for girls aged 9-14 years is a refreshing companion to educate and reassure them about their changing bodies during puberty. Illustrated in full colour and including personal stories, The Breast Book demystifies breasts, how they work and why, sharing knowledge about breastfeeding and inspiring body confidence in an accessible format.

Emma says,

“Our society teaches girls that breasts are either ‘sexy’ or not to be spoken about at all. Girls are entering a world of 24 hour selfies which may not always give the healthiest messages.

Girls deserve to be part of the contemporary conversation about women’s bodies and how society values them. There seem to be unspoken rules about breasts in our society. Nipples are expected to be invisible. Breasts are expected to be immobile. Bras must be worn. Even in the middle school years, those rules can be questioned or at least investigated.

How does it feel to have breasts? How do they grow? How have other women felt about those changes? Where does confidence comes from? What’s the story on bras? Let’s answer these questions fully. Dozens of people – young and old- have shared their stories to ensure breasts are finally spoken about to the girls meeting theirs for the first time.”

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