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She’s Back – Supporting Women in the Work Place

Promoting Women

We connect and advise women. Our Facebook Group gives members access to an engaged and supportive community. We build capability and connect women with new opportunities, such as the Reignite Academy in the legal sector.

Training and Coaching

We provide one to one or group training for women and for line managers, using the principles, strategies and tactics explored in our book. Topics covered include building your personal brand, overcoming limiting beliefs, managing a successful return, networking, ruthless time management and how to negotiate.

Writing and Speaking

As well as our highly acclaimed book, we regularly write for a number of blogs, websites, periodicals and online forums. We speak at events on all matters relating to women and work: the gender pay gap; returning after a career break; developing women’s careers; enabling women to fulfil their potential.

She’s Back: Your guide to returning to work

Women’s careers twist and turn. Women step back or step away for so many reasons. Then, let’s face it, returning is tough.

Whether you are coming back after a break, or looking to ramp up a level, this book is an essential guide and helps you succeed.

You’ll learn the truth about how the recruitment market really works; how to craft a narrative that explains your value; mobilise a network to support your ambitions and find work that will work for you.

Examples of real women’s struggles and winning strategies provide inspiration and will enthuse you about how to make your own comeback.

Lisa and Deb draw on years of research across several different sectors and their experience of working with and listening to the stories of thousands of women to provide a fresh, pragmatic and above all useful handbook for today’s fast evolving job market.

“In a world of #MeToo and Time’s Up, She’s Back. And so are you.”

You can purchase this book from the link below:

She’s Back – Your Guide to Returning to Work


A must have guide to get more women back into the workplace.’ – Arianna Huffington

If you’re a professional woman who wants to unlock your potential this book is a must-read.‘ – Sarah Wood, OBE

‘This is an important book about an issue that could scarcely be more contemporary. The spirit of She’s Back is the spirit of the age. Read, or be left behind.’ – Matthew d’Ancona

Amazon Reviews

‘She’s Back is an essential read for anyone looking to return to work after a break. I wish I had read it during my maternity break years ago, as I certainly would have taken a longer term view to some of the decisions I made then with regards to my career. The book is truthful, I came away with practical ideas to follow up on and it is also reflective. It is an extremely thought provoking read, as the authors challenge the reader to question what it is they really want from work, to consider all options and to think through decisions carefully. I work with postnatal mothers, and this is a book I will be pulling themes from to discuss with them, and in addition will be using it in my own career decisions too’.  Ninx;)

‘This is a fantastic book. Although it’s targeted at returning women, it is filled with practical, helpful tips for anyone who has had a career break. The authors have woven in real life stories from women who have returned to work. These are brilliant because they are so varied, relatable and inspiring. They aren’t just stories of ‘women who have it all’; they show the ups and downs that go alongside returning to work. There is an excellent chapter on ‘Staying Back’ which I think is very important (and often overlooked – I’m a Career Coach so it is something I often see clients find difficult). Once you’ve gone back to work, the first few months can feel tough while you and your family adjust. This chapter prepares you for this and helps you realise it is normal to find the first few months hard going (but that it will get easier). Another favourite part of the book for me is a handy ‘Other Resources’ section. This means I now have a list of useful books to add to my reading list.’ Fay W.

‘My type of book – the style avoids any kids of bush beating or walking on eggshells. It cuts to the heart of issues with no apologies or sentimentality. For change to happen it needs this kind of bold, brash and unforgiving celebration of all women have to offer. Essential reading for any HRD/COO/CEO’ Mrs Lucy C Standing