Sue Atkins In Conversation With Mine Conkbayir – Neuroscience Award-Winning Author, Lecturer and Trainer.

Mine Conkbayir is an award-winning author, lecturer and trainer. She has worked in the field of early childhood education and care for over 18 years. Mine is the winner of the Nursery Management Today Top 5 Most Inspirational People in Childcare Award.

Mine is the author of Early Childhood Theories and Contemporary Issues and author of Early Childhood and Neuroscience: Theory, Research and Implications for Practice, which achieved the Nursery World High Commendation Award in the Best Professional Book category of the Nursery World Awards 2017.

She is the founder of the Cache Endorsed Learning Programme – Applying Neuroscience to Early Intervention, which has been shortlisted finalist in the Best CPD category within the Early Years Excellence Awards.

Mine is currently collaborating with the Metropolitan police force, undertaking independent research which explores the connection adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) and criminality.

She is also undertaking a PhD in early childhood education and neuroscience to develop her work in the complex and challenging subject of infant brain development. Her key objective is to bridge the gap between neuroscience and early years discourse and practice. She hopes that her research will provide the necessary evidence to seek solutions to this persistent issue, with the ultimate goal of enhancing provision for babies, children and young adults.

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