Adjusting To A New Baby for Toddlers, School Aged & Teen Children including Blended Families

Everything you need to know to support your family with the arrival of your newborn

Sibling Rivalry

My Parenting Masterclass that will help you support your children to get on and make family life more harmonious


My Parenting Masterclass to help you understand ADHD, how to support your child and how to look after yourself and get help and support


As you move on to form new relationships after the breakdown of a relationship, this Masterclass will help you with the transition as you build your new family.

Sleep & Bedtimes

My Parenting Masterclass on Sleep and your Child - how much sleep they need, tips and techniques to support you in tackling sleep issues


My Parenting Masterclass on Dyslexia, what it is, what are the effects and how to get help and how to support your child.

Going from Two to Three Children

My Parenting Masterclass to support you as your family grows from from two to three children.

Work/Life Balance eCourse

Life as a working parent is challenging! This Parenting Masterclass is full of tips and advice to help you make the most of your family time and how to organise your life

Divorce Step By Step

Separation and divorce are never easy. In this Masterclass we will work through the stages and also support you through the process as well as helping you support your children.

Confident Kids

My Parenting Masterclass on helping you build your child's confidence and self-esteem - the greatest gift you can give your child!

Navigating The Choppy Waters Of The Teenage Years

Parenting teenagers requires lots of different skills as your child transitions to an adult. This Masterclass will help you through the various stages and ensure that your child grows to be a confident adult