Your Rainbow by Lynn How: a book that both nurtures and grows the strong bond between parents and children

Join Erin and Rowan as their bedtime is transformed into a multicoloured rhyming journey, enabling a visit to each colour of the rainbow in turn. It is a colourful adventure, providing the children with the wisdom and unconditional love they need to face any of life’s challenges.

This inspirational bedtime tale, both nurtures and grows the strong bond between parents and children. With mesmerising pictures and a powerful message, it is sure to become a firm favourite for this and the next generation of your family.

Illustrated by Jennifer Jamieson

Also available from:,lynn-how-jennifer-jamieson-9781800422247


I’m a busy single mum who loves spending time with my family – we’re always seeking out new and exciting outdoor adventures!

After 20 years of teaching, I decided to go self-employed this year and have also been writing non-fiction books for the publisher Hinton House about being a special needs coordinator in a school, as well as on social and emotional health in the early years. I also work as an educational consultant for teacher wellbeing and special needs and editing the well-known education blog, @TeacherToolkit.

This year, I have won an award for my teacher well-being work and writing in support of changing working conditions in schools. My award winning blog for pupil and teacher wellbeing is:

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