Wizzy’s Words

What is it?

A book of 70, illustrated, modern nursery rhymes

Available in paperback, eBook and audiobook formats

  • A fun rhyming book for sharing with children from 0 to 5 and beyond (Don’t forget to share the actions and sounds too!)
  • A book with an emphasis on the sharing of oral/spoken language from birth
  • A book for developing reading readiness
  • A book based on children’s language development data
  • A book for keeping in or near the toy box so that language learning becomes child’s play

Why use it?

A number of children continue to enter school without the oral vocabulary for learning

Who is it for?

Parents, grandparents, all infant care providers

How can I find out more about it?    

Head to: www.wizzyswords.co.uk for more research information, blog, frequently asked questions, full reviews, free downloadable sample rhymes and to listen to the audiobook sampler

Where can I buy it?

Head straight to:

http://www.troubador.co.uk/bookshop/young-children/wizzys-words for orders, publisher information and other retailer links



Jacqueline E Alexander is a UK based early years specialist, passionate about early language development, specifically oral vocabulary.  After seeing too many children enter school without age-appropriate language skills, Jacqueline followed up classroom observations and assessment with a research project.  The findings indicated that children entering school with a poorer oral vocabulary than their peers, then had limited success in accessing the school curriculum.  Furthermore, the researching findings showed the limitations, untimeliness and inconsistency of in-school attempts at remediation.  This deleterious start was then shown to impact on life-long learning, future prospects and mental health and welfare.  A full copy of the research can be requested from the author.

Jacqueline is a parent and has 20 years of teaching experience, including being school literacy lead, holds an MSc Psychology (Education & Child Development) and has attained membership of the British Psychological Society.  This combination of teaching experience and research and development, provided the essential framework for developing Wizzy’s Words.  As Jacqueline’s research indicated, rhymes with the salient oral vocabulary for educational and life-long success, were a much-needed resource for today’s parents.  As you will see from Jacqueline’s website, she is now dedicated to sharing the benefits of her work with parents, grandparents and all infant care providers.

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Website www.wizzyswords.co.uk







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