We Had To Say Goodbye Before We Even Met: A book for children who have lost a sibling through pregnancy or early baby loss – By Irene Teague

We had to say Goodbye before we even met is a true story about a family who has experienced the tragic and heart-breaking loss of their baby, Caldain during pregnancy. This beautifully written and illustrated book is told from the perspective of sibling, Erin-rose, who was so excited about having a new baby brother or sister.

In this poignant, yet uplifting story, the family is given the devastating news that the baby has a fatal condition and would not survive long after birth.

The author who is also a Clinical Psychologist has had personal experience of pregnancy loss and was inspired to write this story in the hope this book will help with explaining what happened and with normalising the grief-related thoughts and feelings that children may have. There is also a helpful section for parents with tips for supporting children and themselves during this traumatic time. This book would be invaluable to anyone supporting children affected by pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or early baby loss.


Mum-of-two Irene Teague, who lost a son and daughter in the womb, has written a book she hopes will offer practical support as well as bring comfort to other families.

Her book, We Had To Say Goodbye Before We Even Met, tells the story of losing a brother and sister through the eyes of her daughter Erin-Rose who is now nine.

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