The Perfect Mask by Claire Lamb

Jenny Jones was beautiful, always impeccably dressed, had the gorgeous husband with the good job, twins! – One of each!

Big house and nice car.

She had it all, her life was perfect.. Or was it?

Under the surface no-one could see the demons she faced, the guilt she carried and the pressure she put herself under every waking moment of each and every day.

The truth was, she was struggling, more than even she realised; just existing day to day, her secret burden weighing her down, not able to connect with people or make friends; becoming increasingly distant from her devoted husband.

She tries desperately to keep it all together, maintaining her image to the world. The pretence exhausting her until she no longer knows how to keep going and everything begins to fall apart.

This book is about three friends who share the common struggles of parenthood, juggling life with the added pressures of caring for children with extra needs, following their ups and downs, their pitfalls and joys, their mental health and the one thing that keeps them strong, their friendship.

It’s this friendship that jenny needs desperately but can she let down her guard enough to let it in?


A Word from the Author

I wrote the book to raise awareness of mental health through parents juggling lives with high expectations and sometimes impossible standards placed upon them, added with the extra worries and duties of caring with children with additional needs.

I wanted the book to be relevant, funny and real.

It addresses the issue of depression while explaining the lives of three women who raise children with additional needs and the struggles that goes with that, the complexities of raising children apart with an ex partner and how important it is to have friends and to not be perfect.

Having children with extra needs myself, I’ve drawn from lots of my own experiences and from those around me which I know well and with their permission of course.


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