The Curious Tales of Alfred the Great Thinker by Oliver Fordham

Alfred, 10, is a great thinker. Or at least he thinks he’s a great thinker.

He knows that life is full of puzzles and mysteries so he has a lot of questions to answer. With a bit of help from Rose (best friend) and Charlie (little brother), he does his best to make some sense of the world. But he will also need your assistance in dealing with certain problems.

So make sure you’ve got your thinking cap on. Alfred could be the greatest thinker on earth. Or he could still have a lot to learn…

Perfect for ages 7 – 10 years old, this humorous and heart-warming book follows Alfred as he solves his way through five different questions in his own quirky style!


Oliver Fordham was a primary school teacher for twenty-five years with the final six spent as a headteacher. In 2013 he went into semi-retirement and trained as a driving instructor. Currently he is a part-time driver for his local bakery. This is his debut. He is based in Leicestershire.

“I wrote The Curious Tales of Alfred the Great Thinker initially as a book to be read independently by 7-10 year olds. However, as it came to fruition, I realised that I also wanted parents and teachers to share it with their children, in order to promote thoughtful discussion. So I peppered it with Thinking Boxes to encourage engagement. Thinking skills are all the rage these days. But they shouldn’t be a ‘rage’. They should be a continuing and integral part of our children’s education and upbringing.”

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