That’s Okay: Helping children identify what emotions they are feeling by Chris Dixon

Emotions can feel strange for adults and children. Sometimes it can be hard to know how you feel and why. That’s why these colourful creatures are here to help.

Through this book, you and your child will meet them all. They all have different emotions from happy to sad.

This book has been created to help children identify what emotions they are feeling and that they don’t have to be scary, or upsetting. It should also help children and adults, whether that’s a parent, teacher or counsellor, to communicate about feelings.

I have illustrated each of the colourful creatures by hand, so that children can read through and enjoy the book whilst learning.


Author and illustrator Chris Dixon looked for help with depression and discovered that therapy made a huge difference to his overall outlook on life. It also inspired the idea for the That’s Okay children’s emotions book.

In our culture we have not been taught as children that various emotions regarded as “positive” and “negative” are natural and normal. As a result, we can feel shame and guilt over being upset or angry. Chris looks to help fill that gap in understanding our feelings to encourage better communication about our emotions, as well as normalising natural reactions.

With a passion for illustration since childhood, Chris used his imagination to create colourful creatures that have identifiable and memorable emotions. He is also working on a sequel about how children can help protect the environment.

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