Red Spotted Ned (The Monstrous World of Hoppity Thicket) by Chris Jones

Ned is a spotted monster. A very angry spotted monster. And when he gets mad – which is most of the time – his spots turn an angry shade of red. The brunt of his ire is mild-mannered next door neighbour Yuri, who just wants to make Ned happy. Can Ned change his ways and become the loveable, green-spotted monster Yuri believes he secretly is?

This beautifully written, rhyming picture book, is for any parent who wants their occasionally angry little monster to have green spots too!

From emerging UK based author Chris Jones, who writes with such free-flowing ease, that parents and kids will simply adore to read it, again and again.


For as long as he can remember, Chris has had a huge passion for storytelling. When his son was a young boy, instead of reading bedtime stories, they would make up their own far-fetched tales around the fictional superhero Deadly Derek. In fact, this has remained his main Google account name ever since, which means that upon joining Zoom calls, his name appears as “Deadly Derek” – much to the amusement of his network!

Currently, he’s undertaking the challenge of writing 12 children’s picture books in 2021. Teaming up with two highly talented illustrators, he’s focused on creating a fantastic collection of stories that develop children’s appreciation and the power of words and grammar, improve their self-awareness and make them gently aware of the challenges we all face around conservation and climate change.


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