Prickles the Hogglypot – by Andy Edwardson

Prickles the Hogglypot: A charming children’s picture book, set in Hoggly Poggly woods.

Venture into the woods and you might meet Prickles the Hogglypot.

Prickles sleeps during the day, he’s nocturnal, but when he wakes up the adventure starts.

He trots off and finds a baby bird who has fallen from a tree.

Prickles cares for his fellow creatures and tries to help.

He has some unique abilities and this helps a lot.

However Lulu the cat is on the prowl and trying to spoil his evening.


Prickles might be a dreamer but he makes big thing’s happen!


Andy is currently a Director of Research for the global education technology company Promethean.

He also created the Wacky Wheels video game published by 3D Realms released in 1994.

Andy has written and illustrated his first picture book about a rare and precious Hogglypot called Prickles which he intends to be part of a series of books. 

Andy has always been an enthusiastic storyteller, more recently making up stories and characters at bedtime to his adored grandchildren. The woods behind his garden and the animals that visit have helped to set the scene of Hoggly Poggly Woods.  

Andy and Louise met in London over 20 years ago. They enjoy travelling and walking and have a particular passion for Italy where they have enjoyed many holidays. Andy even proposed to Louise at the beautiful Trevi Fountain in Rome!  

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