Parenting Handbook: Helping you and your child make sense of everyday challenges together – Dr Sarah Mundy

The Parenting Handbook describes the psychological theory behind Bartley’s Books. It provides information on the importance of storytelling and the attachment relationship and includes practical suggestions on how you can support your child’s emotional and behavioural development throughout the early years, and beyond.

“For me, the magic of what Sarah has created is that she encourages parents to ‘try out’ ideas outside the storytelling process. These resources are a valuable tool to help parents understand and apply an evidence-based approach to help children feel safe and connected.” (Dr Kimberley Bennett, Child, Adolescent and Educational Psychologist)

FORTHCOMING BOOKS – Watch this space!

  • Tricky Behaviour: Stop That Now! – I Don’t Know How. Due out summer 2021
  • Bedtime Routines: Time for Bed – Rest Your Head. Due out summer 2021
  • Healthy Eating: Please Eat up – No, it’s Yuck! Due out early 2022
  • Toilet Training: You’ll Be Happy – Without Your Nappy Due out early 2022
  • The Arrival of a New Sibling: Hey, Little Mister – Meet Your Sister Due out early 2022


Dr Sarah Mundy is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and mum of three boys. She has specialised in working with children and families for almost 20 years.  When Sarah had her first child, she found that most books told parents what to do to their children, rather than how to work with them. Through her clinical work she knew how powerful stories are to help young children manage their often confusing and overwhelming worlds. Sarah felt that it would be helpful to have some books for parents to read with their little one to help them make sense of common, but tricky situations that we all encounter in the early years – so she decided to write some of her own!

Parenting Through Stories comprises six interactive children’s stories (Bartley’s Books) and a Parenting Handbook. The children’s stories include interactive questions (asked by a curious squirrel, Nudge, who can be found under the flaps). These encourage children to explore their own experiences, promoting discussion about confusing and tricky feelings in a safe, engaging and fun This helps children learn to express their feelings, master new skills and cope with everyday challenges with the support of their parents.

The stories focus upon separation anxiety, tricky behaviour, the arrival of a new sibling, healthy eating, toilet training and bedtime routines. They are illustrated by the wonderful Rachel Millson-Hill.


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