Oaka Books – to make the curriculum accessible to all children, irrespective of reading ability.

We started our specialist publishing company because there were no textbooks that our dyslexic daughter could work with.

She was completely ‘put off’ at the sight of a big subject revision guide and her response to struggling was to just not do anything. In desperation, I turned her notes into cartoons, created games, re-enacted historical events, and, amazingly, she started to remember things. Her grades went from E’s, F’s, and U’s in her mocks to A’s and B’s in just a few months, simply by presenting information in a different, engaging, and active way.

If our story sounds familiar, Oaka Topic Packs might be just what you are looking for.

As with many visual learners, your child may have reading, concentration or processing issues. But they still need to keep up with their work and not be left behind in these all-important Key Stage years.

Our packs are being used to help thousands of children achieve their potential with our unique revision guides that are designed for visual learners. You can read some of our reviews here.

Increasingly, teachers are using our resources in the classroom and there is no doubt that they are having a big impact both there and at home with reports of children leaping from 20%-77% and from the bottom of the class to near the top!

Our learning resources are short and concise, perfect for curriculum topics in Common Entrance as well as KS3KS2 and KS1. Our packs present visual information in such an easy way to understand that people (mistakenly) think they are too easy! Yet that’s exactly our aim – to make curriculum-based topics easy for everyone with our fantastic range of topic packs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at bambi@oakabooks.co.uk.





Hi, my name is Bambi Gardiner and I am the founder of Oaka Books.

Click here to find out why we started Oaka and the rationale behind our products.

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