Mini Adventures of Freddie by Mini First Aid’s Kate Ball

A young child could have the ability to save a life. The inspiration for this new book from Mini First Aid

This lovely story joins Freddie on his adventures.  Freddie encounters some first aid situations and is very brave as he is looked after by a grown-up. Later in the story, Freddie becomes a hero as he looks after Mummy following a fall.

This book is an absolute must-read with early years children.

Written by Kate Ball, director, and founder of award-winning Mini First Aid and illustrated by Leeds based illustrator and designer Hayley Vine.


Mini First Aid trains adults and children in basic life saving first aid.

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Kate, a mum of 6 (including 2 sets of twins), is an entrepreneur and author.  She worked for over 10 years in Learning, Development & HR and when on maternity leave in 2014 set up Mini First Aid.

Kate wanted to change the perception of First Aid Training and make it more accessible and memorable for parents and carers. Thus, their 2-hour class was born. Mini First Aid now trains 1000+ parents carers and children per week in life-saving first aid.

Kate’s first award-winning children’s book ‘The Mini Adventures of Freddie’ teaches basic first aid through a story of Freddie who experiences a number of bumps and scrapes, and most importantly learns to dial 999 in an emergency.

This summer Mini First Aid is launching a safe eating campaign ‘Sit Chop Chew’ designed to educate parents, carers, and children alike on choking awareness and safe eating.  This is supported by the launch of Kate’s second book ‘Sit Chop Chew’.


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