Millie’s Socks by Chris Passey

In a normal town, during normal times, a girl named Millie lives with her Mom in a normal house. But that is the only normal thing about Millie. You see, Millie sees the world differently to her friends. Her brain is extraordinary and far from normal. And Millie quite likes it that way.

Millie is different to everyone else. She has rain in her brain and butterflies in her tummy. Her friends, family and teachers always try to make her feel better, but the only thing that works is socks.

Stripey, spotty, odd, long, short, holey, funny – each morning before school Millie carefully chooses the socks that make her feel the best. But when she loses her favourite pair to the washing machine, Millie discovers that her superpowers weren’t on her feet, but inside her all along.

Educating adults and children alike on the challenges facing young people with sensory issues, Millie’s Socks celebrates the differences in all of us, and teaches an important lesson on the power of self-belief.

Illustrations by Siobhan King


Chris Passey is an educator and creative professional from the West Midlands. As Deputy Head and SENDCo at Kimichi School Independent Music School in Birmingham, Chris works with remarkable and amazing young people, just like Millie, every day. Chris lives in Bromsgrove with his wife, Attiye and their dog Pablo.

Chris is a proud Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching and a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts (RSA).

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