Meet The Heartbeats by Natalie Savvides

About the book:

Meet The Heartbeats is a book introducing the Heartbeat family.  The Heartbeat family are a family that Natalie created as a model to teach children the importance and powers of kindness in a fun and enjoyable way! They are a fun-loving, inspirational and happy family of giant hearts whose mission inline is to spread kindness and love, showing everyone how much better life is when we are kind to each other! Their motto ‘it’s cool to be kind’ sums up their message and their contagious positivity!  The Heartbeats are kindness mascots that children can relate to and enjoy whilst learning to act and live kindly, with compassion, empathy, inclusion, acceptance and love.

About the Heartbeat series:

Meet Heartbeats is in fact one of long series to come.  The first two books, introductions to the main characters ‘Meet Henry Heartbeat’ and ‘Meet Henrietta Heartbeat’ are already available, helping us to get to know this happy, helpful duo with their uplifting motto ‘it’s cool to be kind!’  The rest of the first sequence (in publication), cover storylines to reflect scenarios that children find themselves in daily, in the classroom, in the playground, at the park, at sports, in the family, with siblings, welcoming new children, not laughing at misfortune, offering a helping hand, embracing diversity.  Then there is a sequence that lends itself towards discovery, appreciation and gratitude of our planet, focusing on kindness towards the planet, the ocean, the rainforest, our environment.  We are currently working on an exciting adventure sequence, which takes the characters on a very special kind of treasure hunt that in turn gains them entry into a world that we could only dream of…. but hopefully… one day… we will live in!

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Natalie is a married mother of two young children, living in South West London.  Her first book, Full Circle was published in 2016, and although of an entirely different genre and for a different audience to the Henry & Henrietta children’s series, they share similar themes on kindness and positivity with the mutual goal of generating happiness.

Writing is her passion, as is a mission to make the world a kinder, happier place for the new generation. Natalie has taken action towards change by combining these two passions and creating this children’s book series, instilling the message of  ‘it’s cool to be kind’.  A keen observer and student of life, this is the focus of her writing, with the consistent undercurrent of making the world a happier, healthier place.

Since becoming a mother, her focus shifted towards the happiness of her children.  When her eldest child began nursery and subsequently reception, she identified the need for fun books that encourage kindness with clear messages easily be absorbed by children. With a strong desire to do something about it, Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat were born.

Also a keen artist, Natalie created these two fun characters herself and began writing short, simple stories in a way that young children would enjoy. And it worked. The stories covering various, relatable, everyday scenarios are heavily illustrated bringing the messages to life and the rhyme helps the story sink in. Children love them and schools hail the books a strong asset to the education of kindness and wellbeing in young children, a fundamental topic that needs to be addressed.

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