Meadow & Marley’s Magical Mix by Katie Mantwa George

Meadow and Marley are on a mission to understand their heritage! When this duo head on a trip to the market, they discover there is so much to learn from delicious food and curious passers-by. This inspirational, action-packed adventure enables little ones, and their parents, to cultivate pride in their unique mixed-heritage backgrounds!

Book cover for Meadow & Marley's Magical Mix by Katie Mantwa George
Empowers and builds pride in children from a variety of mixed heritage backgrounds across the world. Food is used to help children recognise the beauty of understanding and belonging to multiple parts of the world. This book is for children and their parents who will benefit from being equipped to face regular curiosity about where they are ‘from’.


Photo of author Katie Mantwa George smiling sitting on desk

Katie cultivates inclusivity in all spaces she is in, from her corporate Empathy & Compassion workshops and talks, to her meditation guidance, her stationery designs and now her writing. Katie prides herself in ensuring everyone around her feels included and instills a strong sense of belonging in all that she creates. With a career in the Entry Level Talent and Inclusive Hiring space spanning 15 years and a long list of accolades and published articles, Katie has a deep passion for well-being in the workplace and many personal experiences of what it feels like to go through life as a women of British and South African heritage.

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