Larry at Number 10 by Elizabeth Radcliffe

Awesome (some might say paw-some) Larry is Top Cat at Number 10 – that is until his boss, the Prime Minister, gets a dog called Dilyn. If you can even call this ridiculous puppy a dog. For one thing, he chases his own tail, guzzles sausage-strings and chews things to pieces. How paw-thetic!

For another, Larry is chief mouser at Number 10, head of paw-trolling and champion window-ledge sitting (note: this is for lookout purposes, NOT catnapping). Larry is important and the hero of the mouse catching scoreboard. So what possible job can dopey Dilyn do?
His whiskers out of joint, Larry tries (and fails) to put Dilyn in the doghouse – but then catastrophe strikes as a cat-burglar breaks in and cat-napps Larry! Can Dilyn rise to the occasion and save the day? And if he does, will Larry give his a-paw-logies?
Based on the real cat and dog team living at Number 10, this charming picture book is a treat to read for any child aged 0 – 5 – and their parents, too!


Elizabeth C Radcliffe works in law but her true passion is writing. She has been writing children’s picture books for the last 8 years, and has written over thirty children’s picture books for her own pleasure. Larry at Number 10 is her debut. She is based in Bridgend.

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