How To Keep Safe: …in a sometimes scary world by Jo Fitzgerald

Children worry about scary situations..

What if I get lost?

What if there is a fire?

What if…? 

“How To Keep Safe …in a sometimes scary world” is a book for 4-9-year olds and their parents to share. Written by teacher, blogger, parent advisor and mum Jo FitzGerald, it’s a gentle, illustrated, rhyming story of a boy, his dog and his family. Together, they talk about what to do in case of getting lost, being in a home fire, or getting caught up in a dangerous event.

The family makes plans around keeping safe, knowing that bad things will probably never, ever happen. But just in case – they’ll know what to do.

The book helps ease worry and anxiety in children and opens difficult conversations between parent and child over potential dangers and their feelings connected with this.

Also included is an extensive parent’s guide with suggested questions parents can ask, how to talk about feelings and ideas for making plans and rules together.

“How To Keep Safe…” has the power to help worried children, bring families together, and make plans that will them all safe.

Jo FitzGerald is a highly experienced Early Years teacher, blogger, parent advisor …and mum, with many articles published in the media. She has worked extensively in child care in the UK and the Middle East, with her young children, where she lived through many scary events – including a military coup. Jo also lived through, and was affected by, the era of the IRA bombings in the UK.

She is now ready for the zombie apocalypse – and ALWAYS has a plan.


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