How Food Shapes your Child by Louise Mercieca​

In her debut cookbook, Nutrition Advisor and Personal Trainer Louise Mercieca, explores the unhealthy relationship between processed foods, sugar, trans fats and childhood obesity. This book is an essential guide for parents on childhood nutrition, as well as sharing a range of fun, healthy meal ideas.

“Childhood obesity isn’t just an aesthetic issue – children do not necessarily grow into themselves, grow out of it or burn it off. If your child is carrying excess fat it is unhealthy and is likely to affect their relationship with food as adults.”

Find out how tasty, home-cooked, fresh food can provide a lifelong solution. Through this cookbook, Louise aims to brighten up your family mealtimes with delicious, colourful recipes containing fresh, local ingredients.


Louise Mercieca is an Award-winning Nutritional Therapist, Award-winning author and Presenter on a Food Channel for Early Years Nutrition. Louise is incredibly passionate about formative nutrition, wanting to show the links between how food not only fills a child up but shapes their current and future health. Food and health are intrinsically linked, we simply can’t be healthy with a bad diet yet our food landscape has changed and the nutrition message often confusing and contradictory. Louise aims to show how healthy habits in childhood can really shape healthy adults and with the health predictions in store for the next generation we really do need to be paying more attention to the food we eat and our emotional relationship with food.
The book ‘How Food Shapes Your Child’ is a combination of user-friendly nutritional science with the ‘team’ led by Dr Bertha Carrot along with healthy, economical family recipes.

How Food Shapes Your Child – Mrs P and I have definitely been inspired with lots of recipes for the grandchildren.  The body facts were an interesting read too!” Theo Paphitis

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