Help! My Toddler Is Not Eating: A 30-Day Plan To Get Your Picky Eater To Enjoy New Food by Dr Elizabeth Roberts

Are you struggling to know how to feed a picky toddler? Are you reduced to begging and bribing your toddler to just take a bite? Have mealtimes become a battle?

Many parents find themselves worn out by a constant round of food preparation and cooking for picky toddlers. Others worry about how to get a fussy toddler to eat enough and getting a picky toddler to eat without a meltdown. All too often parents resort to preparing food and snacks on demand in an attempt to get a picky child to eat something, anything! Even experienced parents can be left feeling powerless wondering how to deal with a picky toddler.

As a dietitian and eating behaviour specialist, Dr Elizabeth Roberts has helped many parents who have become overwhelmed with trying to work out how to get a picky toddler to eat. She wants to share her solutions with you to achieve one goal: go from mealtime tantrums, food refusal and cooking on demand to relaxed, enjoyable family meals and watching your toddler try new food.

This picky eater book offers a comprehensive, scientifically based plan to tackle selective eating disorder in young children and guides you on what to feed fussy toddlers.

Packed full of tips for feeding fussy toddlers and helping your child with extreme picky eating, Elizabeth takes you step-by-step through techniques that research has proven to work. Aimed at both first time and experienced parents alike, as well as grandparents and other caregivers, this structured 30-day plan will set you on the path to raising a healthy, happy eater.

Chapters include:

  • Normal growth, vitamins and minerals – is your child getting enough nutrition?
  • Mealtime routines and strategies for reducing mealtime anxiety
  • Our natural food preferences, how children learn to like new foods and techniques for overcoming food neophobia and fussy eating
  • Portion sizes and what to give picky toddlers to eat
  • Food chaining and other methods for increasing exposure to new foods

“Despite the high prevalence of picky eating in young children, many parents struggle to keep their stress levels down at mealtimes. Extensively researched and full of practical exercises and ideas, this excellent book deserves a place on every worried parent’s bookshelf.” Dr Lucy Cooke, Child Feeding Specialist and Senior Research Associate, University College London and Feeding Disorders Service, Great Ormond Street Hospital

“As a paediatrician and a mother, I would definitely recommend this book to any parents who worry about their children and their health. The new picky eating book offers a simple and clear structure to follow by any parents. It starts with possible explanations of childhood behaviour around food or meals times. It describes particular difficulties during childhood and also offers help in dealing with special dietary needs like anaemia, reflux or constipation. There is an extensive description based on the latest scientific research, which offers support and information related to behaviour around food, anxiety and food phobias.” Dr Camelia Vaina, Consultant Paediatrician, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Dr Elizabeth Roberts is a State Registered Dietitian in the UK. She has worked in many different areas of practise in a career spanning over 20 years. Her first book, “Sugar Counter for Health: The Smart Person’s Guide to Hidden Sugars” was published in 2016.

Elizabeth’s new book “Help! My Toddler is Not Eating: A 30 Day Plan to Get Your Picky Eater to Enjoy New Food” is the product of extensive research and working with families with fussy eaters.

Dr Elizabeth Roberts works in the NHS, treating children and adolescents with an eating disorder, as well as the independent sector.

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