Hank The Hungry Monster by Julie Derrick

Hank The Hungry Monster by Julie Derrick

 The Mind Monsters is a series of children’s mental health books, published to help children understand and cope with severe anxiety.

‘Hank the Hungry Monster’ is one of many Mind Monsters books to come

and was written with the purpose of assisting parents, carers, teachers and childcare professionals, to spot the underlying early signs of OCD and anxiety, before it takes hold: whilst also raising awareness to the crucial N.H.S. funded service; CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services).

Half of proceeds raised from the book are donated directly to C.I.T.T. which is a specialist team within CAMHS.

The book focuses on two leading characters, Hank and Annabelle.

Hank is a very hungry monster who is never fully fulfilled; however, he doesn’t have an appetite for food, he has an appetite only for power!

Annabelle is a very confident and bubbly little girl, until one day, an unpleasant incident ,involving her friend Hattie, provides the perfect opportunity for Hank to move into her head and to start issuing “orders” as part of his new game.

Not only is the book directed to elevating awareness to child OCD; the book also aims to open the nations eyes to the poignant impact that words and behaviours can have on others.

‘Hank the Hungry Monster’ is available to purchase via:

The Mind Monsters website: www.themindmonsters.co.uk

From Most Major Book Retailers Including Amazon.


Julie Derrick is a Welsh author and blogger, who lives in Bridgend, in South Wales.

Having experienced, first-hand, the impact that OCD had over her own daughter and family, she felt it was vital to publish her Mind Monster series in order to raise awareness and to help others.

She created her first book, ‘Hank the Hungry Monster’, to inform and support other parents, guardians and educators, on ways to deal with child OCD and anxiety.

Helping others is now her fuelling passion and her goal in life is to prevent and raise as much attention and funds as possible, to help mental illness within children.

Copies of her first book, ‘Hank The Hungry Monster ‘are available to purchase on her website: www.themindmonsters.co.uk

There is also a FREE Hank Activity Book available to download on there too!

 Alternately, you can purchase a copy of her  book on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hank-Hungry-Monster-Julie-Derrick/dp/1838144609  and From Most Other Major Book Retailers.

 Other places that Julie hangs out are:

 Facebook: www.facebook.com/themindmonsters

 Blog: www.copywhatiuse.com

 YouTube: ‘Copy What I Use For Teenage Anxiety And Revision  http://bit.ly/387hDGb

 Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julie-derrick/

 Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/julie.derrick55a

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