Every Child Needs a Mentor by Herman Stewart

The purpose of “Every Child Needs a Mentor” is to engage and inspire those who support young people to use the ideas in this book to empower our children, their peers, families, and communities; so they can ALL benefit from the power of mentoring. Inside you can discover: 

How to help students get the best out of their time in education

How to effectively engage with the youth of today

How to enable young people to experience the bigger picture

How to develop an award-winning mentoring programme

Whether you are a parent looking for help, a teacher looking for inspiration or a child looking for guidance – I encourage you to read the heart-opening stories, compelling testimonials, powerful case studies and mentoring insights in this book.

To help others to become all they can be, I believe takes mentoring, guidance, support and help. For this younger generation for them to reach their potential more mentoring and guidance is what they are going to need, which this book offers to the aspiring mentor, parent or those who work with young people.


I’m Herman Stewart, a businessman, mentor, author, speaker, podcast host and much more.

I’m an ambassador and champion for mentoring everywhere.

My approach – which has raised the aspirations and attainment levels of children & young people across the country – is now being used to inspire adults, businesses, leaders and organisations.

I’ve been a mentor for more than 25 years.

I run my own business, I’m the Chair of Governors of an outstanding Academy, the West Midlands Chair for Positive Transformation Initiative.

I’m a regular speaker to groups as diverse as Cambridge University, leadership conferences and government.

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