Elmo The Cat Who Doesn’t Know He’s Orange! by Barbara Cosgrave

Elmo is a real life rescue cat who was badly treated.   He was rescued after a kindly neighbour called the RSPCA and was taken to Millbrook Animal Centre in Surrey.

He was adopted by Barbara, the author and still lives with her in Surrey.

The book tells imaginary tales of his life now.  When he was adopted he began a whole new life of adventure and learns from his new friends so many good life lessons.   Elmo and his friends are not ordinary cats.  They have a secret life that people would be very surprised to know about!  Along with his good friend Silky cat he begins to learn valuable skills that every good cat and person should understand.

In his beautifully illustrated story children will learn:

  • Adoption into a new home is a good thing
  • The RSPCA and how they rescue animals and care for them
  • Kindness from neighbours and friends is a wonderful thing and we should be kind too
  • Being and looking different is not a problem, we are all special in our own way and should accept each other as we are
  • At the end of the book there is a chapter for learning

Connect with Elmo on his website and Instagram and children, you can email him with any questions on [email protected] and he will personally answer!


Hi, I’m Barbara Cosgrave and I was born and brought up on the Heritage Coastline north of Liverpool.   I grew up watching big ships sail down the Mersey Estuary and out into the sea, all the time wondering who was on board, where were they going and ……I want to go too!  We had a wonderful time playing on sandhills on the beach and walking along the coastline and through countryside.  Life and adventure was calling.

My mother, read to me every morning before school and instilled in me a love of reading, which I believe is the greatest gift.  The stories she read, although all adventures, always had a message to them.  Something to learn, a moral to the tale.

“Elmo The Cat Who Doesn’t Know He’s Orange!” is the first in a series of books that are written in that style, fun, adventurous tales but with an important message woven into each book.

At last, I did set sail for adventure in real life at 22, sailing down the Mersey Estuary on a ship, just as I had watched years before as a child.  I worked in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro for Bank of America and have had many adventures of my own since.  Travelling has brought many joys, challenges and lessons.  Learning about people, other cultures, and nationalities has been a great life lesson, something I use when writing.

B xx

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Mobile : 07798673991

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