Do You Want To Know A Secret: A little book of resilience and clarity, whatever your age… by Marie Arymar

A refreshed and revised fourth edition: Life can sometimes seem hard when we get caught up in our noisy thinking. We can believe that everyone else is to blame for how we feel and we might fear that we will be stuck feeling this way forever. This little book is here to remind us that, once we realise we are getting caught up in our noisy heads, we can give ourselves a little bit of space to see something rather special. A secret? That we are already okay! This freedom from our thinking can give us the chance to look at our world a little differently; we can be a little bit kinder to ourselves and find ourselves in a better place to decide what to do next. This is not a self-help book; it is a compass to help point us back to our natural state of well-being. This is a book for anyone aged 8 to 108 who would benefit from taking a few minutes out to drop away from their thinking and reconnect with knowing they are already okay.


Marie Arymar lives in Exeter, UK and mostly loves having fun outdoors in the stunning Devon countryside. She has worked with young people throughout her career; as a youth worker, a youth development officer, a college lecturer and pastoral manager in three large further education colleges. She is the founder of Realisation Works, a company which offers well-being coaching primarily to children, young adults, and to parents, either face to face or online, through small group work, or through links with schools and organisations. She also works with Young Devon, a local charity, supporting victims of crime aged 9–25 years old. She also hosts the Precarious Parenting podcast series; sharing real stories by real people who may have felt overwhelmed by family life and how they saw through it. Marie’s vision is to help reduce the CAMHS waiting list by offering insightful, calm and meaningful messages to guide young people away from feeling anxious and worried about life; doing so through this book, videos on TikTok and her young people focused blogs.

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