Cats’ Eye View of… Litter by Octavia Lonergan

Tibby is upset!

The humans have left a frightful mess in the park…

From the author of the Amazon Bestseller “Cats’ Eye View of… Lockdown”, join Ozzy, Tibby, Leo and Mimi as they share their thoughts. Children will enjoy this rhyming story, and get to know all about littering, with a little help from the furry feline friends.

Describing the effect litter can have on local wildlife, as well as creatures in the oceans, this book is illustrated in such a way to encourage discussions with your little one.

Written by a mother of young twins to read to them as they grow up, this book helps to explain what happens when we don’t take our rubbish home!


Octavia has written poems for as long as she can remember – the first one she clearly recalls was written around the age of eight, after an encounter at school with a pipistrelle bat. “A bat can’t see as well as you and me. He has no need; in a cave lives he!”  She was writing poems for her own enjoyment and it wasn’t until she wrote one during her recovery from postnatal depression, anxiety and PTSD, that she decided to create an online presence for her poetry, following some amazing feedback. A poem, called ‘Enough’ caught the attention of the charity Home-Start who supported her during this time, and she was asked to read her poem at her local branch’s AGM. It can be read, along with many others at or

Octavia continues to be an advocate for talking about our mental health.  During the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic of Spring 2020, Octavia penned several poems, and one that stood out was about a group of cats, trying to work out what was happening as their owners stopped going to work! This book (Cats’ Eye View of… Lockdown) is the first in a series, covering all sorts of situations that the cats discuss.

Octavia’s talent for art, lead to a career in graphic design that has spanned 20 years – working across industries as diverse as travel, construction and retail. Her graphic design skills mean she creates all of her own artwork for her books (and as a self-confessed control freak, that’s probably for the best). She lives in Surrey, England with her husband, and their twin daughters, who are her inspiration and motivation.




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