Big H and Little h Dog by Victoria Smith

A wonderful book that can be used to support conversations around disability, with young children. 100% of profit from book sales is being donated to a UK charity called Harrison’s Fund that supports research into the rare disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 

Little h Dog is no ordinary dog and Big H is no ordinary owner. What will Big H do to help his little pup’s poorly muscles? Where does the Super Vet fit in? And will Little h Dog ever get to chase a ball in the park again? 

This heart-warming story was inspired by true events and real people; a dad and his boy. It is a story with heart and humour that gently introduces disability and inclusion and the importance of friendship, kindness and perseverance to children aged 3-8 years. It is a story about never giving up, never losing sight of HOPE, a central theme to the book. Even if you are the slowest dog in town. That is enough.

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In her own Words :

I’m Victoria Smith.  The other side of 45. Happily married to Mr Smith. Mum of two. Cat lady who tends to write about dogs. 

Having worked in education most of my adult life, I have produced a mountain of qualification resources. Writing serious ‘stuff’ was what I did. Yet, being far from serious, there was a need in me to express my ‘daft’ side!

And this was the way! 

Did I always dream of becoming a Children’s Author? No. Then how did it happen you ask? Well let me tell you…the momentum to write my first book ‘Big H and Little h Dog’ came from an unexpected place. It came from an inspirational story playing out in real life; that of my brother-in-law and my nephew, Harrison, who has a rare disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I watched them cross the finish line for a charity Ironman triathlon together, with Harrison in a custom designed wheelchair buggy. Tears streamed down my face. It was immense. I’m not even sure why I put pen to paper in the way I did, but I wrote my first story shortly after this. I wanted to use their story to raise money and awareness for their charity, Harrison’s Fund. It was a little something else I could do to help. But I couldn’t find a publisher and we couldn’t afford to pay for illustrations.

So ‘Big H and Little h Dog’ sat on my laptop for 2 years, until Mr Smith said: “Why don’t you publish it yourself?”. So I decided to try my luck with a ‘Kickstarter’ campaign and would you adam and eve it, we made the target! I self-published my first children’s book In November 2020. For charity. Funded by charity. How wonderful is that!

Since then…the ideas have been a flowing.

My stories will always bring humour. They will always aim to entertain both adult and child. They will sometimes be a bit off the wall. They will never be preachy. They will most likely feature an animal or two. Some will be in rhyme, some will not.

I am so heartened, so grateful, to see all the thoughtful themed bookish play activities you get up to with your kiddies – do keep sharing them with me, so I can share them with others!

Do get in touch on social media. I’m @bongtreebooks and I’m very friendly 🙂


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Harrisons Fund website (the charity the book profits are donated to).

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